Monday, December 9, 2013

Go Green : Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products is a company dedicated to helping the average person change their lifestyle so that they minimize the amount of damage done to the environment. By searching for environmentally safe alternatives to products such as bleach, Earth Friendly Products has taken huge steps towards protecting the rain forests and minimizing the environmental footprints left in the average home.

In order for Earth Friendly Products to be considered for manufacturing, there is a process the company goes through to ensure their products are as green as possible. Before manufacturing begins, the scientists and workers ask several questions. Does gathering the materials for this product damage the rain forest? Does this product remove the habitat of endangered species? Will making this product cause pollution? If all of the answers to these questions, as well as many more, are no, then research and development of the product continues. If the answer is yes to any of these, Earth Friendly Products will not use the materials. This philosphy has ensured that Earth Friendly Products maintains the highest standard of quality for their products and the protection of the environment.

Earth Friendly Products focus on five different categories of household cleaners. Bathroom care, Laundry, general Household, Kitchen and for pets. All of their products are cleaning agents that lack chlorine, petroleum, bleach and caustics, so they are friendly both to the environment and towards your health. However, it is important to realize that there are items such as coconut oil in Earth Friendly Products. If you have allergies to coconuts and other natural oils, you should read the ingredient label carefully.

When you use Earth Friendly Products, you can be ensured that the cleaning agents are safe for use. However, it is still unwise to drink these products. They are not meant for human consumption. While environmentally friendly, Earth Friendly Products are not necessarily human digestible. Please keep all Earth Friendly Products out of the reach of young children and pets so that you can prevent them from becoming ill on them.

One of the most significant Earth Friendly Products that you can purchase is their Ice Melt compound. Working to -13 Fahrenheit, this product is safe for pets and vegetation. Unlike salts, which will severely damage plants and can make animals sick, this line of Earth Friendly Products is revolutionary in helping with the safety of those near your home and the environment.

Earth Friendly Products are available online or through local retailers.

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